Thank Yous, event feedback and Next Steps

Hi Everyone! Thanks very much for those who came to the event and for all those that have supported this campaign. We all had a marvellous afternoon among very interesting speakers, organisations and visitors. The networking sessions had highly positive feedback from all, with many ‘next steps’ taken, and the speakers were so inspiring that the representatives of the invited organisations extended their supposedly short introductions into whole compelling stories. But we’ll let you know more as soon as the video comes up.

In just one month, our online youth awareness campaign had a weekly total reach of more than 1000 people, reached an audience from many parts of the globe (Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, USA, Germany, India, Australia, Belgium, Ghana, etc…), 100 people liked our facebook page, and each post was usually seen by 50-80 people.

Although this means the end of the Interact Leadership Training Programme, within which this campaign was created, for the awareness campaign on alternatives for youth unemployment and a better future for all, this is just the beginning. Due to its success and the uttermost need to tackle youth unemployment and create a better economic and social order, the commitment of our team to the success of this campaign has grown stronger so you can expect our work to go on, to help you become more aware of alternative solutions to unemployment and of an hopeful future for everyone.

So we hope to see you all on ‘next steps’!

Check out some of the photos taken at the event by our photographer James Spiller:







Event Programme

Event Programme

We’re all set for tomorrow! And we’re expecting a full house! Come and get to know in person the work and the people that form the basis of amazing organisations such as Repowering London, Oxfam, London LETS, Bright Ideas Trust and more!